girl crush the Amy Poehler edition: by K


I’d like my first contribution to J’s inspirational girl crush series to be Amy Poehler.

I will start by saying she was never my favorite actress on SNL back in the day, nor did I jump at the chance at watching Parks and Recreation when it first aired back in 2009.  My admiration for Amy blossomed a bit later on in her career and it wasn’t based off of one of her comedy routines. It was after watching one of her acceptance speeches where she thanked her family babysitter for giving her the peace of mind and support she needed to be a working mom following her dreams.

There is an honesty to her you don’t see a lot of in hollywood.  She is refreshing, smart, funny and genuine.

As I have previously mentioned here and again here… I have a soft spot for women writers who not only do it well but…who have the guts to do it at all. More then her work I admire her passion for and dedication to her craft.

Her performance as co host at the Golden Globes last night seemed effortless. The jokes were smart and funny, her timing was right on and she did it all without any ego.

J had been telling me for well over a year to get on the Parks and Recreation train and when I finally did I was ashamed it took me so long.  I think it is some of the funniest stuff on TV right now and it’s exciting to see Amy’s name plastered all over the credits.

It’s a shame that most of the actual role models in TV and film are being drowned out by all of the very loud and obnoxious bad behavior going on in hollywood.  Either way, from the outside looking in, Amy Poehler’s talent, grace and determination are  something to aspire to.

I will add her to my list of inspirational ladies I would like to have tea with someday.

xo k


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