House tour love: by J


I am a sucker for a beautiful house tour.

I gaze longingly at the curated rooms, the unique furniture, and glasses and bowls that are placed just so. My home envy growing. The sense of the shabbiness of my dusty corners, and my sad lack of a bed frame, amongst so many things. I think to myself I should spend more time, more money, spend more hours looking at house tours to find the key to improving mine.

But, I also hope that I’m not the only one that wishes just once I could see that house two weeks before the photographer and crew came in at that perfect time of day, and arranged and de-cluttered, filled vases with fresh vibrant flowers, shot seeking the most beauty, and then edited, edited, edited.

This extends to most aspects of blogging. We put our best selves forward, even if that self isn’t the one who wears an old loved sweatshirt and lounge pants most of the time. We curate and select and create an image, and at the same time we try to be as real and authentic as we can. But sometimes I just want to see beneath the edits.

It’s a struggle….I like to think I’m not the only one whose home doesn’t look like a house tour most days, or that I’m not the only one that may or may not have eaten salsa and chips for lunch, instead of a healthful photography worthy salad.

And all of that being said, I still love to look at a beautiful house tour. The way that I feel inspired to create a home that feels how I’d like it to feel. Sometimes it gives me the boost I need to dust and scrub and de-clutter. It gives me the permission to leave out my favorite bowls just so.

And more often that not the lives behind the homes are just as inspirational. Creative people, people that love their lives and the spaces they occupy, and who invite other people in to enjoy these spaces.

Of course I wont stop looking at house tours, and working to allow my home to evolve and change and hopefully become house tour worthy.

xo J

ps my current favorite place for house tours

photo taken unbeknownst to me by the hubs from our living room which has a twin window facing into our kitchen




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