longing: by K


I can certainly relate to J’s quest for the perfectly decorated coffee table and how much your current imperfectly decorated coffee table seems to define who you are and your place in life.

Now more then ever we live in a world where everyone’s “perfect” little life, with their perfect little vacations, children, homes, clothing, creative instinct to take a picture of an old building through (what you thought were) unimportant tree branches  (I can keep going…) are displayed in practically every place we look whether we are seeking it out or not.  No matter how self assured you are it is hard not to compare your rainy, wet, irritating walk to work to your friend’s black and white instagram picture of her carrying the perfect umbrella, wearing the perfect boots in her equally as rainy walk to work.  I had no idea an umbrella could tie an outfit together so well.

Can you tell I had a fabulously rainy walk to work today?

That all being said, I am no hater.  I also agree with J’s point that seeing these photos gives us standards. Something to strive for. Inspiration. Motivation. Whatever you want to call it. The thing to remember is no one has it all figured out. And someone did in fact spend a few hours decorating that coffee table and my friend probably did have to throw her now wet, recently blow dried hair in a pony tail when she got to work.

The quote above reminds us that we all want to be better. Sometimes we feel lazy, sometimes we feel scared, sometimes we just don’t know how to achieve what we want… but we are all in the same boat. There is not one person who will read that quote above and not understand it. And that’s a comforting feeling.  It allows us to accept where we are in our lives, continue to want to do better but know we’re not failing.  Once you get the coffee table just right, you’ll hate your kitchen. And so on. Until your 90. And the earlier we realize that the better and the happier we’ll be.

xo k








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