best New York Pizza: by K

joes-2 joesmainpizza

J’s post made me want pizza. And right now there are only two places I can say 100% make the greatest pizza. Ever. There used to be three…and the third was actually my very favorite but last I checked it has been closed down due to multiple health code violations. We won’t talk about how many times I have A. eaten there and B. fought to the death defending this place.  Anyway…moving on.

The only reason behind the rating here is the convenience factor. The number one spot goes to Joe’s Pizza in Greenwich Village. It is the traditional stop and eat a slice while standing up place that only NYC can do.  It’s definitely a NYC landmark.  Watch Conan tell you all about it here.

Number two, I have mentioned before, Mario’s Restaurant in the Bronx on Arthur Avenue. They only serve pizza for lunch. This is the traditional sit down with a glass of wine and a full pie in the middle of the day place that only NY can do.  Don’t ask them how they make their sauce. They will not tell you.


Buon appetito!

xo k

Joe’s Pizza pictures taken from here


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