18 reasons for cooking classes: by J


Last night I took part in a cooking class hosted by 18 Reasons.

Michelle of Flavour in Spades was lively and full of passion for food and ingredients often left forgotten on shelves in grocery aisles, or frowned at in farmer’s markets, for their lack of familiarity or culinary sexiness.

The star of the show was a simple radicchio, roasted cauliflower, farro, peeled parmesan, and crisped speck salad.

The class praised the flexibility of simple ingredients and methods that marry happily with varying ingredients that have similar flavour profiles.

You don’t need to bring much in the way of skill, except for an open mind, and an open heart with a place for new unfamiliar foods to settle in.

She was unapologetic of her distaste for black pepper, and her whole approach was use what you love, make it how you like, but please go outside your comfort zone to use ingredients that have so much to offer.

The major lesson of the night was simply that cured pork is delicious when crisped, and anything it is added to will be more delicious for it being there. Sorry to any vegans and vegetarians.

The photo is a salad from her food blog, which we also had the pleasure of making in class. Simple, slightly unusual, and easily delicious.

Have you ever taken a cooking class?

xo J



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