EATALY Cooking Classes NYC: by K


If you live in or near NYC and have not experienced EATALY yet, stop what you are doing and go there right now.

Yes, it’s expensive. But I have yet to leave here thinking… man that was NOT worth it. If you value good food, this is an experience you cannot miss.

Like most, I just assumed this was Mario Batali’s baby – but after further research I found that is not true at all. Eataly was actually founded and created by a man named Oscar Farinetti who owned his own small appliance and food retail store  in Italy where he focused on electronics.  His store blew up and he became the largest electronics retailer in Italy.  He then sold what was called UniEuro and dedicated himself to Eataly.  Chefs Mario Batali, Lidia & her son Joe Bastianich were brought on by Farinetti to infuse his place with the best of the best.

What is Eataly? It’s a grocer, a butcher, a baker, there’s a cheese shop, a fish market, a pizza place. If you don’t want to shop and you just want to eat there are designated areas for every type of Italian cuisine you could think of, accompanied by wines already picked out  so just drinking – no thinking – is necessary.

Walk in, sit at the meat counter, order a glass of wine and taste some of the best imported meats you’ve ever had. Then move over to the fish counter and have pieces of fish that melt in your mouth. Then cheese. You get the picture.

I had no idea until just now, but they even offer cooking classes. I am sure they are expensive, but I am also sure they will be worth it.  A class like this would make a great gift for any occasion.  The one I am most intrigued by is the Food and Language course, where you learn different dishes from different regions in Italy while also learning a bit about the language in those specific regions.

One of Eataly’s promises listed in their Manifesto:

“Knowledge: We feel that it’s not just important that we know everything about what we sell and serve, but that you also learn about the products we are so passionate about. We share with you the stories of the people and places behind all that we offer. The more you know the more you enjoy.”

J, come quick so I can take you here!

xo k

pictures from here & here.


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