Mothra: by J

Either my wash machine has a personal vendetta against my wool and cashmere sweaters, or I have the closet equivalent of Mothra.

Because I am lucky enough to have laundry with my apartment, I wont be switching machines any time soon. Thus I figured demothing was the only logical step.

I had no previous experience with the winged pests, but the internet was a good friend.

What I learned

  1.  moth balls are tiny balls of stinky poison (so I opted not to use them)
  2.  cedar and lavender seem to be common deterrents
  3. the moth larvae are the culprits for eating holes, not the winged adults
  4. a wash cycle or dry cleaning will kill the moths at all life stages
  5. cedar needs to be sanded every 2 years or spritzed with essential cedar oil sprays every 6 months to keep it fresh
  6. clothing must be cleaned before being stored for long periods of time

While I wont know for sure if the holes are wear, machine, moth or material quality related, I at least have a very clean closet.

xo J

*an in-depth article about how to handle moths

moth sweater image



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