a NYC sleep aid: by K


I like animals. Like most normal people I don’t like to see animals hurt.  Even the tiny mice that would scurry across my parent’s living room and scare the ba-jesus out of us when I was a kid.  My sister and I always begged my dad to be nice and set them free (while standing on the couch hiding behind a stack of pillows, of course).

So don’t judge me for wanting to “take care of” the pigeon that lives outside of my new, New York City bedroom window.

There are a lot of compromises one has to make when living in the big apple. One being that it’s hard to get a good nights sleep in the city that never sleeps.  However my tiny, yet adorable room does not face the street – so I went to bed my first night very easily, feeling pretty lucky  – only to be woken up at 6am by a coo-ing pigeon right outside of my window. He was annoying, but I found him funny and I really didn’t think a little coo-ing would A. last very long or B. keep me awake.

Apparently coo-ing lasts a VERY long time, gets louder and incorporates flapping and banging into AC units and does in fact keep one from sleeping.

It has been a full eight days of being woken up at 6am on the dot with no hope of getting anymore sleep by this little weirdo and I am over it.  I googled “pigeons in NYC” and found within seconds that I am not alone.  Pigeons are keeping people up all over this city.  The best solution, to my surprise, is getting a plastic decoy owl and sticking him outside your window.  I still don’t really understand how this works – I’d assume it would scare the pigeon once or twice but once he realizes it isn’t real, he’d just do his business all over it and continue on his merry way with his 6am soliloquies.  However after witnessing this guy’s behavior the past week I have come to realize they are not the smartest creatures out there and so I am willing to spend $39 on a life size plastic owl to reclaim my mornings.

Although I won’t lie…I am a little afraid this new guy will keep me up for different reasons…


I have to say this is one purchase I did not anticipate having to make before my move to New York City.  Here’s hoping “crazy owl lady” doesn’t turn into my new nickname on the block.

xo k


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