vin et fleurs nyc: by K

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One of the many perks of now living closer to my sister is that we can meet on a whim.  After a long three days of work for both of us we decided a nice cocktail, a dinner that did not consist of leftovers and some sister time would be the trick to getting us to Friday.

Vin et Fleurs is a sweet, cozy French American restaurant on Thompson street in SoHo. I met a friend here for drinks awhile back and kept it on my short list, mostly because of how charming it is inside. Plus they make one mean Manhattan.

It’s a small space so getting a table on weekends during peak NYC dinner hour is not too easy. But if you’re like me and you like to eat before 9pm, then you won’t have too much of an issue.

The kitchen is in the back and open for everyone to see. It looks like a kitchen you would find in the most perfect Parisian apartment.  That, along with the decor, candlelight, fresh flowers on every table and location on the narrow charming SoHo street, transports you right out of Manhattan and into the heart of everything you hope and picture Paris to be.

Oh yes and the food…the food is simple and delicious. I ordered the kobe beef sliders, my sister ordered muscles in a white wine sauce. We shared an asparagus salad with shaved parmesan and a poached egg on top. Eggs really are amazing.

I can’t wait for the weather to get a bit warmer so I can sit comfortably on their patio. I bet they have some great summer drinks.

xo k



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