nyc improv: by K

baby-wants-candy Baby Wants Candy 7

One of the things that makes New York City such a special place is the pizza.

Another is the simple fact that there are a zillion things to do on any given night for any given mood.   And the coolest stuff is usually the cheapest and something you’ve just stumbled upon.

A few summers ago I stumbled upon an improv group that bounces from Chicago to New York called Baby Wants Candy.  As with any improv performance I was skeptical at first, mostly because this is a musical theater improv group and I wasn’t sure how that was even possible.

The way it works is they ask the audience to yell out some ridiculous title for a musical that’s never been done before – for example, the one I saw Friday night was called “Christopher Walken’s Secret Diary.”  Then they proceed to put on a fully improvised one act performance, complete with musical numbers, a beginning, middle and end, character arcs, twists and turns…for the next hour and 20 minutes.

I’ve been to see this group a lot over the past few years and without fail, every time I am disappointed with the  initial title. It never seems clever enough and I blame the silly audience member for giving them a dud. And without fail, Baby Wants Candy proves me wrong and creates something magical.

If you like comedy, if you have $20, if you want something fun to do at 10pm on a Friday night – don’t miss out on these guys. I have yet to bring any friends who don’t become instant fans. I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this before.

They are performing at the SoHo Playhouse every Friday through April for now. You can buy tickets HERE. Go!

xo k


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