daylight savings: by K


I am definitely with J when it comes to daylight savings time. I try each year not to get so emotional and instead focus on the logic of it. I get it – an hour more of day light per day. That’s very nice. Thank you. But why can’t we just keep it this way? I know daylight savings time had a major function years and years ago, but my narrow minded question now is – does it still have that same function?

After reading J’s post I did a quick google search (since google has all of the answers) and found this interesting article on the pros and cons. Although from this one article I don’t see many pros to the time change.  Historically the extra hour was supposed to spur on the economy and keep people working and buying more. In reality though, it’s not that simple. It ends up being a major energy suck and oddly enough not great for our environment. People are out more, driving more, bbq-ing more etc… My question is, if spurring the economy and productivity is the main reason, why not keep this hour throughout the year?

I still don’t get it. As a kid I thought daylight savings time was a mother nature thing. When I got older and realized it was “man made” I assumed whoever was in charge of this  knew exactly what they were doing and had some pretty big reasons for it…obviously. But like most things… no one really knows what they are doing. And we just continue on doing these silly things because there is no alternative. The man behind the curtain says it’s time to get up an hour earlier and feel off for a week or two. And so we do.

The article does give two options for those of us who are over daylight savings time: move to Hawaii or Arizona. Apparently they do not participate. Does anyone else find that a little crazy? I guess I can understand Hawaii – but Arizona?? How did they get that deal!

Daylight savings time aside, I think we have bigger problems right now. Today is the first day of spring and there is snow on the ground in NY and I wore gloves yesterday. sigh.

Happy “Spring”!

xo k


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