Following your dreams on nights and weekends: by K

It could be anything—music, writing, drawing, acting, teaching—it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that once you know what you want to do, you dive in a full 10 percent and spend the other 90 torturing yourself because you know damn well that it’s far too late to make a drastic career change, and that you’re stuck on this mind-numbing path for the rest of your life.

Is there any other way to live?

The Onion newsletter always makes me laugh.  This article, however, made me laugh, then cry. Then cry/laugh.  Author, David Ferguson, gives a hilariously accurate portrayal of this crazy concept of following your dreams on nights and weekends after your day job. I shared it with a few of my artist friends and their reactions all started with laughter and all ended in silence with their heads on their desks, face first.

Because even though we know the inevitable, most often irrational and unsatisfying, hell Ferguson describes here is 100% true, we also know we can’t give up on it. We will continue to give 20 excruciating minutes a day to what we love and hope someday it will all work out. What does work out mean exactly? I have no idea. I think I’ll know it when I see it though.

xo k


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