a Nick Offerman weekend: by J

Dear Nick Offerman, thank you for Ron Swanson, or perhaps I should thank Ron Swanson for introducing me to Nick Offerman.

For anyone else completely confused, Nick Offerman is the man and actor who plays Ron Swanson from the tv series Parks and Recreations.

Friday night I saw American Ham, his more or less one man show, that combines storytelling, humor, song, general manliness and a large proportion of good-natured generosity about how to live life well. Offerman aware many of us love and know him for his stoic roll as Ron Swanson, does not fail to pay homage.

I laughed and I felt good about life. And I fell just a little bit more in love.

His wife Megan Mullally, referred to by him as “a gorgeous stack of curves”, opens the show as a part of Nancy and Beth, an indie Blue Grass singing duo with an attitude.

The next night I watched Offerman produced and starred in indie film, Somebody Up There Likes Me, mainly for the q & a by Offerman that followed. I did not win the draw for one of his mustache combs, but I did win a respect for the ways that celebrity can be used to support local art scenes and artisans.

He is a woodworker, actor, producer, writer, husband, and performer among other things.

As Ron Swanson and as himself, Nick Offerman reminds us of the sweetness of authenticity and the importance of values.

xo J

Ron Swanson’s Pyramid of Greatness


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