Austin: by J

Tomorrow I’ll be in Austin with K and a mutual girlfriend of ours.

We’re all bursting with excitement for a 5 day girls only trip.

None of us have visited Austin before, which we chose due to the promise of great weather, a cool city, and the 3 hours flight for both sides.

Please share with us any of your favorite spots,

we’ll keep the site populated with little preplanned posts,

and see you all back here next week,

xo J



special weekend: by K


My baby sister is engaged.

It’s a funny thing about sisters.  Good or bad, I carry my sister’s feelings, in my heart, in a very personal and intense way. And I know she does the same for me. It’s a hard relationship to describe in words, but if you have a sister, you know what I mean. Their pain is your pain, their happiness is your happiness – even more  than your own. And vice versa.  It’s moments like this that I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

I’m excited for the new addition to our family.  I’ve known him for years but oddly enough, this little formality makes me feel closer to him.

The reason for the glamor shot above, is the ring her fiancé gave her is a 1930’s, handmade Tiffany ring.  I’m pretty sure this is how she feels when she wears it…

I’ve never seen her so happy and I’ve never been so happy for her. I wish them all the luck and magic in the world and I look forward to this next year of keeping her calm during the craziness that will, without a doubt, ensue.

xo k

being an adult: by K


I felt the need to respond to J’s post today.

Random things that make me feel like an adult:

1. changing a toilet seat. A. who knew you had to do that. and B. who knew all it took was a screw driver.

2. suddenly realizing you’ve acquired a “battery drawer.” Literally a drawer full of batteries, rubber bands and tape. How did that happen!?

3. the panic I feel as it gets closer and closer to 11pm on a work night.

Happy Friday!

xo k

being an adult?: by J


Here’s a little list of things that make me feel like a grown up. Surprisingly they are not the kinds of things I would have necessarily expected, like getting married or renting an apartment. Instead they are little quirky parts of life.

  1. dinner parties, for the first little while when I was hosting I felt a bit like I was playing grown up tea party
  2. buying and changing light bulbs, who knew there were so many different kinds
  3. finding a doctor/ dentist/ medical practitioner, I miss the ones I had as a kid
  4. taxes

What kinds of random things make you feel like an adult?

Happy Friday,

xo J

on things: by J


I experienced an abnormal (for me) amount of what I can only describe as joy at a recent boot purchase.

It got me to thinking, about things.

While I waited in line for the Freda Salvador sample sale, I could feel the bristling anticipation of stylish, sharp women eager to get in the doors and to buy (I’ll happily and calmly hop on this bandwagon. These shoes and the women behind them are really something special).  We were all there to buy things, and at the same time it must go beyond that.

Were we there to buy something that is part of an idea we have about ourselves?

I still haven’t quite figured it out.

But I have decided to give into the sense of joy I have over owning these beauties.

xo J

weekend: by K


This weekend was full of birthday fun.

The company I work for kicked everything off on Friday (led by the amazing and wonderful Sara) with an amazing, amazing spread of most of my favorite foods. Soft cheeses, olives, crostini, tomato salad, fruit (far far away from my chocolate just the way I like it), an incredible walnut spread that I couldn’t get enough of, thought up and made by Sara (you can see the recipe here, along with all of Sara’s other healthy, low salt, delicious recipes), perfect chocolate chocolate and more chocolate cake and let’s not forget the home made Whiskey Sours. Yes. Whiskey at work.

IMG_0616 IMG_0615 IMG_0617


Had dinner at a great little Italian spot in the West Village called, Volare, with my family.  Great food and you can sit for hours.  Then met for coffee, drinks and dessert with more family and some great friends at Caffe Dante.

I wrapped it all up Sunday at my Nana’s with more cake, more food and more cheese.

I took today off of work to spend the day with myself, just doing what ever strikes my fancy.

I felt very lucky and blessed this weekend and I am excited to be in my 30s.  The only thing missing was miss J. But I’ll be seeing her soon enough!

xo k

groceries: by J

I get a nerdy sense of satisfaction at a freshly cleaned and filled fridge.

Friday I tossed sad remnants, wiped down shelves and cleaned out produce drawers, work that I don’t fully love until it is complete.

Sunday, a leisurely walk through Alamo square to the new Bi-Rite.

It’s challenging to put into words exactly how much I love this market. Yes it is packed, and yes it is pricey in some regards. However, I have yet to come across a market with such lush healthful variety and quality.

This market is part of the foundation of my life here. Good meat and produce is a beautiful thing, that sinks deeper into my way of living the longer I’m in SF.

Right now strawberries and asparagus are especially lush.

And when I’ve got the budget for it the meat from Fatted Calf is a thing of beauty.

xo J


on turning 30: by K


Tomorrow,  I turn 30.  The months leading up to this special day have been fraught with … feelings.

I have been known to roll my eyes at people’s varying and dramatic reactions to turning 30.  What is the big deal? I would say. Or, stop putting so much irrational pressure on yourself. Well, now here I am. And now I understand the tiny bit of sadness behind the eyes of the friends I would be so smug with. And now I apologize.

I think sadness might be the wrong word. But if it’s not sadness, it’s a close relative.  It is assumed that by 30 we will have achieved everything we set out to achieve at age nine; Family, career, body shape…we are well on our way to publishing that first book while simultaneously traveling the world.  We are fluent in the language we want to be fluent in, we know exactly what size and brand of jeans works best for our figure – put all that together and you get happiness.  By 30, we’re all supposed to have found happiness.

So it’s no wonder, most, if not all of us approach this birthday with a little sadness behind the eyes.

One thing I do, that makes me happy, is paint tiny fat ladies with their own unique and strong personalities.  So, naturally, the other night I decided to paint a tiny fat lady, who was about to embark on a big life change.  The lady above was the result. At first, it just made me laugh.  It’s pretty ridiculous.  But the more I look at it, the more I get it.  This little lady is very proud. She’s proud of her made up princess status and her pretend unicorn horse.  I look at her – her posture, her attitude – and I accept that she’s a princess on a unicorn, because she looks straight at me as if to say, “say this is NOT a unicorn…say it and see what happens…” And I believe her.

This lady that came out of my subconscious is a lady in control.  A lady who won’t be defined by the standards of the people around her (in whatever land she lives in). A lady who changes her perspective ever so slightly, to find the happiness she deserves.

Or maybe she’s nuts. Either way, she symbolizes the idea that even though there are some things nine year old me had planned that didn’t necessarily pan out the way she thought they would, I have plenty of amazing, unexpected things in my life that a little string and a cone shaped piece of cardboard couldn’t make magical.

A slight change in perspective and permission to take control of your own life in even the smallest ways, is where happiness lives. These are two lessons I am very excited to take with me into my 30’s.

and here we go.

xo k