special weekend: by K


My baby sister is engaged.

It’s a funny thing about sisters.  Good or bad, I carry my sister’s feelings, in my heart, in a very personal and intense way. And I know she does the same for me. It’s a hard relationship to describe in words, but if you have a sister, you know what I mean. Their pain is your pain, their happiness is your happiness – even more  than your own. And vice versa.  It’s moments like this that I feel so blessed to have her in my life.

I’m excited for the new addition to our family.  I’ve known him for years but oddly enough, this little formality makes me feel closer to him.

The reason for the glamor shot above, is the ring her fiancé gave her is a 1930’s, handmade Tiffany ring.  I’m pretty sure this is how she feels when she wears it…

I’ve never seen her so happy and I’ve never been so happy for her. I wish them all the luck and magic in the world and I look forward to this next year of keeping her calm during the craziness that will, without a doubt, ensue.

xo k


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