denim love: by J

I’m a casual dresser. I believe in uniforms. I have a style icon in Emanuelle Alt.


And there is only one item I swear by.

A good pair of jeans, well that and maybe a tshirt.

The truth is though jeans are the only item I search for restlessly, and I’ll be honest I haven’t been the most loyal brand wise over the years.

My last true relationship was with a dark blue pair of j brands. While they have lost a touch of the rich colour I once loved, they have yet to loose that perfect fit.

The eventual fit that comes only from the torture of a new pair so tight it make you feel simultaneously like a cased sausage and ones best self.

Truly great jeans start tighter than I’d like and give into the exact shape of my body, in my experience.

I don’t like to spend over $200, which is either exorbitant, reasonable, or inexpensive depending on who you ask.

I’ve been flirting with a pair of ACNE skin 5 black for awhile. But I’ve yet to commit.

xo J



birthdays and oysters: by J


This weekend the hubs turns the big 30, and I’m just one year behind.

We actually share the same birthday, which is kind of weird and really fun.

Imagine opening your birthday present, while simultaneously anxiously awaiting the other person opening theirs.

We’re headed to Hog Island for a day of oysters with friends (two of which are co-celebrating close birthdays).

Weather permitting, nothing could be more perfect.

Do you have any birthday traditions?

xo J


Palm Springs: by J


Palm Springs wedding this weekend at the ACE hotel.

The wedding was stunning and intimate, with truly unique touches; the couple so lovely.

We ate family style, danced, celebrated, and slept soundly in our luxuriously comfortable room.

We took a little extra time to roam around Joshua Tree, and made a stop to see friends in LA.

Exhausted and happy.

Congrats to N&G,

xo J


life, work, life, more work balance: by k


This weekend I decided to join a gym in NYC.  I’ve been struggling with this decision for the past year – mostly because the cheap gyms are disgusting and everything else is one million dollars.  I’ve never been super athletic – like most, I go through phases. So spending, on average,  $150 per month on a gym membership in this city hasn’t felt right, no matter how warm the towels are in the ladies locker room.

There is also the issue of my time. Already in NYC, finding balance is close to impossible. You constantly feel on the go and at the end of the day, as your head crashes on your pillow,  you struggle to figure out what you actually accomplished.

Strike two for signing up for a gym that will either take more time away from my personal work/life or, even worse, never get used because I just don’t have the time. That’s another thing about NYC. If you need help learning the value of a dollar, come here.  You will learn fast.

Outside of a very demanding job, I need to find time to read my books, draw, cook and write on this blog. Fitness will have to hold on a for a minute. I’ll get to it…

This past week a friend of mine gave me a 7 day guest pass to Chelsea Piers Sports Center. I thought this would be a great way to jump start my healthy summer and after the 7 days, I could take it from there. Find time to run (which I hate), do at home yoga in my (extremely small) living room, wake up early and do my ab routine…. mmhmmm. right.

What I am about to say is not going to blow your mind – like myself, you’ve heard it and experienced it a thousand times before – but it bares repeating, apparently. Working out, gives you more energy to do all of the things you want to do. What?! Yes. Your head doesn’t come crashing down on your pillow in pure, frustrated exhaustion anymore.  You don’t come home and require 3 hours on the couch before you start whatever it is you promised yourself you’d accomplish before bed.

One of the many awesome perks about Chelsea Piers is their indoor pool that juts out over the Hudson River.  I’ve started swimming and I, surprisingly, love it. I haven’t swam since I was a little kid, so putting on the goggles and swim cap alone had somewhat of a calming affect on me.  I’ve been eating better instinctually and I’ve even had energy to read before bed – something I’ve been struggling with since moving here.

I didn’t realize the fog I was in, until it lifted this week.  But I am, now, excited by the hours I’ve gained these past 7 days and what that means for my work/life balance moving forward.

xo k



new music: by J


When it comes to music, I am definitely a love it and play it on repeat until the album is both distinct and a musical blur.

Currently on that loop is Sharon Van Etten.

I saw her incidentally as the opener for the hauntingly legendary, Nick Cave. At the time her music was sweet, but dwarfed by the venue and her all together unassuming nature.

At home, her music exchanged some of its sweetness for a deep running sorrow and a rawness fitting of smoked earl grey tea and quietude.

Start out with Tramp, and if you like it, work your way back.

xo J



cooking and eating: by J


The better part of my weekend was spent cooking and eating.

Inspired by Smitten Kitchen’s dumpling recipe; ground turkey pot stickers, and homemade chili oil.

The rhubarb and strawberry in the market were both too beautiful to pass up, becoming compote, and then home made strawberry rhubarb frozen yogurt, a hint of lemon, vanilla and black pepper added for interest.

The leftover compote was perfect for breakfast the next day mixed with banana, yogurt, nuts, and oats.

Sunday was book club with wholewheat pizzay flat bread one with halved grape tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, sea salt, and basil and the other goats cheese, sauteed leeks, and arugula.

Happy and full, and so excited for farm school starting Wednesday,

My apologies for the lack of photographs, sometimes I just want to do, and not worry about documenting as I go,

xo J