denim love: by J

I’m a casual dresser. I believe in uniforms. I have a style icon in Emanuelle Alt.


And there is only one item I swear by.

A good pair of jeans, well that and maybe a tshirt.

The truth is though jeans are the only item I search for restlessly, and I’ll be honest I haven’t been the most loyal brand wise over the years.

My last true relationship was with a dark blue pair of j brands. While they have lost a touch of the rich colour I once loved, they have yet to loose that perfect fit.

The eventual fit that comes only from the torture of a new pair so tight it make you feel simultaneously like a cased sausage and ones best self.

Truly great jeans start tighter than I’d like and give into the exact shape of my body, in my experience.

I don’t like to spend over $200, which is either exorbitant, reasonable, or inexpensive depending on who you ask.

I’ve been flirting with a pair of ACNE skin 5 black for awhile. But I’ve yet to commit.

xo J



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