chilaquiles love: by J



I fell in love with chilaquiles from here.

I’m sure my take isn’t particularly authentic, as this is the kind of dish that loving Mexican grandmothers make. However, it is the perfect thing to use up leftover salsa and tortilla chips.

Heat salsa in a pan with a touch of water, prepare chopped onion, cilantro, slice half an avocado and sprinkle it with salt, scramble an egg, and toss the tortilla chips briefly in the warmed salsa. Top with a touch of crema or in my case greek yogurt, and queso fresco if you have it.

This is one of those dishes that feels incredibly decadent, but in reality isn’t much worse than eating a handful of chips and salsa. It could be made pretty easily for a group, and is open to whatever your preference.

Just make sure you are using nice thick tortilla chips, or preparing your own by frying old corn tortillas.

xo J


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