shishito peppers: by J


Newest addition to my list of ridiculously simple, beautifully subtle and delicious foods.

A mild flavoured pepper, with a delicate skin, and the lovely risk of roughly one in ten being spicy.

They taste of summer, and I ate nearly the entire bowl and wished I had more. Sadly none of mine were spicy so I can’t advise on what to expect spice wise.


To prepare:

Rinse fresh crisp shisito peppers, pat dry, poke each pepper with a knife to form a tiny hole to allow any steam to escape while cooking.

Heat pan with a heat safe mild flavoured oil like grapeseed until shimmering, and just before smoking.

Add the shishito peppers, and toss frequently until the outsides are blistered and the peppers have just started to soften.

Slide into a bowl and finish with course sea salt to taste.

Eat them as finger food, leaving just the stem.



xo J




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