Cheese School: by J


Last year K gave me an amazing gift of a class at Cheese School. It only took just over 12 months to finally go.

It was pretty amazing.

I thought I’d share a few things I learned.

  1. serve your cheeses whole, and allow people to cut for themselves, pre-cut cheeses will dry out and lose their flavour.
  2. before dinner, serve only one cheese, preferably soft and mild. Soft cheeses are less filling, and also they wont overwhelm the meal ahead.
  3. bring cheese to room temperature before eating. Roughly 1 hour with a covered cloth should work, depending on how hot or cold it is where you are. The exception is triple cream brie, which should be taken out shortly before serving due to its delicate nature.
  4. cheese tasting is much like wine tasting. First learn about the cheese (how it was made, etc), look at it, smell it, and then place a piece on the center of your tongue to roll around to truly taste it.
  5. thin crackers and slightly sweet bread is ideal for cheese tasting. No sour dough.
  6. cheese is a living organism, so store it wrapped in parchment or wax paper, and then plastic to allow it to breathe while keeping it from drying out.
  7. cut cheeses from the centre out, that way everyone enjoys a similar cross section, and there is little waste. A good guide to cheese cutting.

Of course these are all pretty nit picky, cheese centric rules, and the most important one to me is to simply buy cheeses you love, and eat them with delicious things.

xo J

cheese cake


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