best hamburger in ny : by K

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Dinner at The Spotted Pig in the West Village Friday night. Supposedly the best hamburger and shoestring, rosemary fries in NYC.  It’s hard to commit to saying something is the best ever in NYC…but I will say, this burger and fry combo comes very close to attaining that title.  House made warm bun? Roquefort cheese? Yes. Please.

I’ve walked by this place a bunch over the past few months, assuming it was a flower/garden shop. The outside is just covered in potted plants and herbs and flowers – it does not look like a place that serves the best hamburger in all of the city. I guess that’s what makes it even more tasty.

We get there early, prepared to sit at the bar for an hour or more before getting a table – since that seems to be the norm lately.  We are greeted by a sassy, new york hostess who was just NOT in the mood. For anything. Not hiding that you’re just not in the mood to do your job is pretty common and even “appropriate” and “understandable” behavior in NYC.

Before she could finish telling us the wait was 40 – 60 minutes in a “I don’t know what you were thinking, waltzing in here at 7pm on a Friday night expecting to sit down…” sort of way…another customer who, by the expression on his face, had been waiting quite awhile for his chance to sit down and eat a delicious hamburger, came up to inquire about the status of his name on the list. Well. Sassy hostess was not about to have this AT ALL. She will come FIND him when it was time…  “what does he think? I’m just gonna LEAVE him there?!”

Lesson number 5,783 about living in NYC – be nice. Instead of cowering or giving attitude to the lady who had our dinner fate in her hands, we laughed and made her feel…hilarious. Guess who got seated right away, by the window, with a little wink from our new sassy friend?

xo k

pictures from here.


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