sleepy: by J

Restless sleep.

The last few nights have felt like a lot of tossing. And even though I am sleeping for 8 hours I’ve been waking up feeling low energy and groggy.

I’m not sure if it’s too much wheat and sugar, a stuffy nose, the wrong temperature, or just a part of the cycle of life.

I do know I miss waking up without my alarm, bright and energized.

What do you do when your sleep cycle is off? So far daily caffein has been my solution (early in the day so as not to keep me up).

xo J



Weekend Away: by K

photo copy photo

I have been missing in action lately and I plan to fix that soon. Between work and work and then work, it’s been hard to think about anything but.

Which is the perfect segway to my last minute creative retreat this past weekend.

My good friend and I drove out to Southhampton Friday night to stay in a sweet Bed and Breakfast and just quiet our minds from the crazy city we call home.  Read some good books, talk about things that excite us and motivate each other to come back home ready to take it all on again.  We ran a 5K Saturday morning, followed by a day at a peaceful, soul quieting beach,  ending the day with one of the best dinners I have had in awhile.

We were lucky enough to have a patio in the charming backyard of our B&B and so decided on a bottle of white Sancerre, and a take home lobster dinner ordered from a fresh fish market up the road – complete with steamed mussels, clams, house made potato chips and the sweetest corn I’ve tasted.

I forgot how much I love lobster.

We made a new friend in the lady that ran our B&B  who made us fresh bread every morning, and mozzarella sandwiches with tomato to take with us on the beach.  Just like mom. I got to push myself physically to help quiet my non stop, over thinking brain and last but not least, quality time with a my wonderful friend.

All in all this was just what the doctor ordered and with the help of AirBnB and some creative thinking when it came to dinner time, we spent less than half of what we would have if we went any other way and probably had more fun.

xo k

pictures taken by sweet Rachel. 

Catch up weekend: by J


A weekend of catching up.

On sleep.

On groceries.

This band with this amazing unexpected opener.

A date night here, the porkchop is that good.

A little bit in love with this affordable wine.

Watched this film, an important reminder.

The hubs cooked spaghetti alla puttanesca.

And my basil is still going strong.

Happy Monday,

xo J


rooted basil: by J


I bought this roots intact basil at Bi-Rite.

When I first pulled it from the metal bin, I had a moment of shock where I was sure I had uprooted a display plant, and someone was going to politely but curtly rush over to fix the situation.

Luckily it was intended this way, and it seems to be staying so much brighter and healthier than any cut basil I’ve ever had.

spelt love: by J


SF is entrenched in its typical chilly summer weather. Which means that I’ve been baking.

Lately I’ve been using spelt flour in replace of wheat flour, and overall it seems to be a pretty easy transition, with a 1-1 replacement.

Spelt flour is notably slightly higher in protein, while being lower in calories than wheat flour.

I’m mainly curious about it as I’ve heard it is better for gluten-intolerance, even though it is not actually gluten free.

So far I’ve made this with dark chocolate chips added, and a chocolate zucchini loaf, with squash from Farm School.

xo J





The Fremont Diner: by J



There is just something so sweet about this place.

Outside patio, with mason jars of water.

Dirt caked and sunned, after a morning at Farm School we headed over for a lunch of friend chicken and waffles.

The standout surprisingly was their pickles, but I wished I’d had room for a biscuit and a milkshake.

xo J

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SF crops and Little City Gardens: by J


I spent a lovely and exceptionally chilly night at Little City Gardens with Farm School.

We were there to experience what urban agriculture can look like.

Brooke Budner and Caitlyn Galloway, began their garden with the intention of finding out if urban agriculture was really sustainable, economically, physically and socially.

Brooke has since moved on to more rural pastures, but Caitlyn continues to work at answering these questions, and truly breaking ground.

I learned that kale, chard, cardoons, herbs, lettuces, dahlias, and especially fennel (despite it being an invasive species) seem to do well in the cooler, wetter climate of San Francisco.

It’s really inspiring to meet such wonderful people who are really doing amazing things.

Farm School has been even more than I would have hoped for,

xo J

all images from their website


grilled summer tacos: by J

IMG_5331 IMG_5332 IMG_5333 IMG_5335 IMG_5336

Avocado, broccolini, kale, cilantro lime chicken and corn tortillas all grilled, with diced sweet red onion, fresh cilantro, grated toma, and optional salsa.

Easy food, that’s beyond tasty and also luckily healthy.

I’d love to do more things with grilled kale.

Everything grilled was tossed lightly with oil, sea salt, and lime juice, with the chicken also marinating beforehand in chili flakes, garlic and chopped cilantro.

Leftovers for an easy salad the next day.

xo J

sale shopping: by J


I’ve heard it said you should only buy something on sale if you would pay full price for it.

I think this is pretty good advice, because usually the clearance item I buy, that is something I think I’d like to wear, and not completely something I do and normally wear, ends up sitting at the bottom of a pile of shirts, or tucked into the back of the closest, worn once or twice out of abject obligation, and then begrudged as something I wasted $15 dollars on that could have been spent on ice-cream or a beautiful bottle of walnut oil.

That being said, I think there is also the argument of things that I truly want, but am unwilling to pay the often hefty price tag for.

Usually I decide what pieces I need in my wardrobe and then graze sales in search of them. Sometimes this means seasons go by before I find that little piece to fill in the gap.

Do you have an approach to shopping?

xo J