decorating with artichokes: by K


I love to eat artichokes. They are good for you, fun to eat and full of fiber. The little ones are perfect for the end of a big meal, cooked with a bit of salt and garlic. Larger ones stuffed with meat or bread crumbs set in a delicious broth, are a full meal in themselves.

I am not sure how behind the times I am here, but recently I keep seeing artichokes at the center of flower arrangements and I can’t get enough of it.  Who knew artichokes came in so many gorgeous colors? And the best part – the drier they get, the more beautiful.

Since my apartment consists of 4 tiny rooms crammed into the middle of a building, I don’t get much light and therefore can never buy beautiful flowers to brighten up my life/room. This is very disappointing and I get sad whenever I pass by the flower stands on every corner of this city. But now! I have a solution!

I work near Dean and Deluca in SoHo and, sadly, pass by their amazing (and expensive) collection of absolutely gorgeous flowers, almost daily.  I am expecting visitors this week, so I thought what better time to splurge on some silly artichoke flowers from Dean and Deluca, than right now at this very moment. Of course they have them and of course they are perfect.

One deep purple artichoke, surrounded by a few dried flowers growing out of twigs…not entirely sure what to call them…and I have myself a pretty beautiful center piece for my living room.

UPDATE: After 4 days in a bit of water, this happened to my artichokes! Who knew!!


xo k


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