sale shopping: by J


I’ve heard it said you should only buy something on sale if you would pay full price for it.

I think this is pretty good advice, because usually the clearance item I buy, that is something I think I’d like to wear, and not completely something I do and normally wear, ends up sitting at the bottom of a pile of shirts, or tucked into the back of the closest, worn once or twice out of abject obligation, and then begrudged as something I wasted $15 dollars on that could have been spent on ice-cream or a beautiful bottle of walnut oil.

That being said, I think there is also the argument of things that I truly want, but am unwilling to pay the often hefty price tag for.

Usually I decide what pieces I need in my wardrobe and then graze sales in search of them. Sometimes this means seasons go by before I find that little piece to fill in the gap.

Do you have an approach to shopping?

xo J


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