Weekend Away: by K

photo copy photo

I have been missing in action lately and I plan to fix that soon. Between work and work and then work, it’s been hard to think about anything but.

Which is the perfect segway to my last minute creative retreat this past weekend.

My good friend and I drove out to Southhampton Friday night to stay in a sweet Bed and Breakfast and just quiet our minds from the crazy city we call home.  Read some good books, talk about things that excite us and motivate each other to come back home ready to take it all on again.  We ran a 5K Saturday morning, followed by a day at a peaceful, soul quieting beach,  ending the day with one of the best dinners I have had in awhile.

We were lucky enough to have a patio in the charming backyard of our B&B and so decided on a bottle of white Sancerre, and a take home lobster dinner ordered from a fresh fish market up the road – complete with steamed mussels, clams, house made potato chips and the sweetest corn I’ve tasted.

I forgot how much I love lobster.

We made a new friend in the lady that ran our B&B  who made us fresh bread every morning, and mozzarella sandwiches with tomato to take with us on the beach.  Just like mom. I got to push myself physically to help quiet my non stop, over thinking brain and last but not least, quality time with a my wonderful friend.

All in all this was just what the doctor ordered and with the help of AirBnB and some creative thinking when it came to dinner time, we spent less than half of what we would have if we went any other way and probably had more fun.

xo k

pictures taken by sweet Rachel. 


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