sweatpant, track pant: by J


Umm, so K and I were talking about this the other day.

And we both had amusedly come across the same pair of rag & bone sweatpants that are a staggering $350.

I’m just wondering is this a thing?

My apologies for my sartorial slow mindedness. I’m not a particularly trendy person by nature.

It seems as though they are no longer in the realm of around the house schlubbiness, but an acceptable part of fashion.

I took notice when as of late I’ve been looking to find something a little more stylish, or maybe I should say less embarrassing to wear around the house.

In any case, I have mostly found a series of unrelentingly expensive sweatpants, but my search will continue. As to whether or not I will wear them outside the house, likely not, but we’ll see.


xo J

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