eat, eat, eat: by J



One of those accidentally food stuffed weekends.

Friday night we grabbed a last minute spot at The Abbot’s Cellar, the all grown up big brother to their tiny in comparison Monk’s Kettle.

They are about craft beer and seasonal food, in a stunning wood and high ceilinged space.

I tried the Boston Tea Party, the inclusion of mate tea in a beer piqued my interest. It was good, and a little sour.

And don’t worry if you’re not too sure, our server was a wealth of knowledge and recommendations.

Oh and the food did not disappoint.

Saturday was a plethora of eats and drinks at a birthday BBQ.

I did make a juice cocktail, albeit not with cucumber or ginger juice, more on that later this week.

Sunday night was a last minute movie, a perfect for summer coming of age, it got to me, and I liked it alot.

And after a walk over to Berkeley’s Comal.

Airy with a beautiful open concept and green space in the back.

The corn on the cob and the fish tacos, and next time around I’m hoping for the ribs and margaritas.

xo J



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