juice cocktails: by J


As the juice movement continues to pour forth into our cities and consciousness, cold press, juice cleanse, juice detox, etc.

One movement I can easily get behind is the use of fresh vegetable juices in cocktails.

I took my inspiration from The Alembic’s Southern Exposure cocktail, which is a riff on the Classic Southside. The Southern Exposure replaces lime for lemon and cuts back on the  gin slightly for the addition of freshly made celery juice.

The simple recipe is nice as you don’t need a juicer to make one at home, simply a small strainer and a micro plane.

As I was making it for a crowd I used a friend’s juicer to press my celery, and swapped out Zubrowka Zu Bison Grass Vodka for the gin.

This drink is a bit like a more deeply herbaceous intense mojito.

And while I’m not eschewing the classic cocktail, those made with alcohol and alcohol, I think this new wave of farm fresh cocktails is a nice addition to the scene.

xo J





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