gardening: by J


Farm School turned out to be one of those unforgettable great adventures. It will soon be wrapping up, and I’m so happy to have experienced it.

I’ll give a fuller account once I’m officially done the course.

It does turn out that I don’t want to keep my hands out of the soil, so I’m starting The Get Up: Gardening and Composting Educator Course at Garden for the Environment this Saturday.

It’s funny how things shape up and creep in. When I first moved here I had the idea that it would be beautiful if all of the plants in our new apartment were edible or food related, even if they weren’t currently fruiting, like miniature fig trees, rosemary, lavender, and citrus trees.

I didn’t do this at the time, but it did seed an idea in my mind.

I realized my true goal is to grow beautiful functional things; to grow for pleasure and purpose.

I’m excited to learn more, because in truth I’ve always returned home to deathly ill herb plants after a trip, and felt too discouraged to replant, or try new things.

Fingers crossed I’ll develop a green thumb,

xo J

photo credits to A at Farm School


4 thoughts on “gardening: by J

  1. That sounds like a great experience! I had high hopes that I’d garden when we bought our house, but the lawn remains as it always was (when I’d like to replace a large portion of it with native plants).

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