Summer Movies: by J

Thought I’d do a little run down on my favorite movies of the summer.

In A World


A smart quirky comedy that makes for a perfect date movie. Lake bell, wrote, directed and starred in this family drama, that looks at the voice over business, sexism, and relationships, in the funniest sweetest way possible. My favorite of the summer.

Short Term 12


An edgy drama, about youth in a short term care home and those employed to care for them, laced with a unique sense of humour, and anchored by a deep heart. This had me in tears, and thinking about the story for a long while after. Another directorial debut with some of the best newcomers and amazing performances across the board. A very close second.

The Spectacular Now


The coming of age summer movie. This one reminded me so much of the feeling of being in high school. It has a dark edge to it, and looks into the not so simple parts of growing up.

xo J

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