good egg: by J


Ever wonder why one carton of a dozen eggs ranges anywhere from $2.49 to $11.99?

Turns out there is a big variation in the way eggs are produced. Similar to my post on buying chicken, eggs come from hens in all kinds of living conditions.

In an ideal world, choose organic, pasture raised eggs. What does that mean? The chicken is fed organic food, has access to the natural bugs and such they would eat in a field, and they have free access to the outdoors.

If that’s not available or accessible, shoot for organic, cage free and free range.

Phrases and terms to be wary of: cage free can mean little more than an unsanitary overpacked hen house, omega added feed is nice, but doesn’t necessarily trickle that much down into the egg itself, and “all natural” one of the industries favorites means very little, as it has no definition, and as far as I know most eggs are “all natural” as they come from chickens.

Plus, if you haven’t before had one, an egg as nature intended is really a beautiful thing,

xo J

a more indepth article



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