the holidays: by J


As my inbox was flooded with pre-black friday sale alerts, and my head was swimming with plans for Thanksgiving dinner, and everything else that should and could be done.

I took a breath and remembered that all of it was nothing unless it was enjoyed.

I’ll try to remember that when I’m helping myself to a second piece of pie: it’s not worth it unless I just let myself enjoy it.

Wishing everyone a lovely day, and ease in this time of year,

xo J


Thanksgiving meal: by J


I’m looking forward to having friends over for our annual friendsgiving dinner this Thursday.

The turkey is ordered and ready for pick up later today, and we have a general potluck game plan.

I’m not a super planner, or someone who uses a lot of recipes in general, but I’ve found a friendly mix of people and enough wine, and everything seems to go just fine.

I did come across this fun menu generator by Saveur, and an essentials menu guide from the New York Times, which I think would help just about anyone. And either way it’s fun to check out the different options and helpful for filling in any gaps.

xo J

green tea and apple cider vinegar: by J

IMG_5783 IMG_5785

I started this week with a new morning routine. Instead of warm tea, I’ve been drinking cold brewed green tea mixed with 1-2 tsps of apple cider vinegar.

I was feeling sluggish and was looking for a natural booster. I love kombucha, so the astringent vinegar taste really doesn’t bother me, and I actually find it quite pleasant. I’ve heard some people add a touch of honey or agave if the vinegar is too much.

ACV is touted when in a raw form to be a detoxifier, aiding in digestion and balancing ph.

So far I haven’t noticed anything too crazy, but I do feel less ravenous, and a little more energetic.

The Bragg’s Organic with mother version, is inexpensive, available at most grocery stores, and seems to be a general favorite. It’s also great for salad dressing.

To make cold brewed green tea, I just put 1.5 tbsp of green tea in my tea pot, add filtered room temperature water, roughly 2 cups, and put it in the fridge overnight.

I’ll update if anything else happens, but so far I’ve been enjoying it,

xo J



friend dating: by J


A girlfriend of mine and I switched it up last night with a yoga class girls night. It was so refreshing to swap our usual wine and food nights, for something a little more healthful.

I had read Anne Friedman’s article about the importance of courting friends, and it made me think about the nature of dating in a love relationship and in friendships.

An effort to keep things fresh and interesting is so important in both. And both require a thoughtful input of time and energy well beyond the “honeymoon” phase. I’m just as guilty as any of easy routines, that can easily become ruts.

Last night was a good reminder of how easy it can be to refresh the way I spend time with the important people in my life.

xo J

pears: by J


The pears are beautiful right now. Cheaper even than the apples.

Sweet, granular, crisp, with a slight acidity when perfect.

I love boscs for their humble woody exterior, with a dense fall honey taste. Perfect for baking, or eating cross legged on the bed, cold from the fridge, while talking about plans.

I’d love to make this, this and this

xo J

in all fairness: by J

Making tea this morning I caught myself mid pour, noticing a quirk I have.

For ease I’ll call it an obsessiveness with fairness, specifically when it comes to food sharing.

As I was pouring the tea for myself and my husband, I would pour some into his cup, than mine, than his, than mine, until both cups were full. This was almost automatic, my desire to make sure each cup of tea was equal, a balance of the light top tea and darker bottom of the teapot tea.

I’m not this particular all the time, but he’d had a slow start and I wanted the tea to be a soft gesture of support.

I love to share food, and he has willingly embraced this side of me, with a few rocky moments early on when our perceptions clashed. He was surprised to find that to me a sandwich had good bites and bad bites, and we had to trade off when sharing, or that almost all food can be divided relatively fairly in my opinion. And that there is a gesture in saving the last or best bite for the other. His mind set was more like, I’m eating a sandwich.

One of my dearest friends shares this same perspective with me, each meal we share is an easy bond.

Does everyone have weird social quirks like this?

xo J

image via Fatted Calf

fall changes: by J


Whether it is the season change, time change, an overload of cheap Halloween sweets, busy lives or battling immune systems, everyone I know lately, absolutely including myself, seems to be in some stage of exhaustion.

As the weather turns cold I am craving huge mugs of tea and overstuffed plates full of noodles and thick soups.

I am caught wondering if I am simply living the seasonality of life, my body craving what my mind tells it, it should not. Or is it something completely different?

xo J

photo via Beth Kirby at Local Milk