in all fairness: by J

Making tea this morning I caught myself mid pour, noticing a quirk I have.

For ease I’ll call it an obsessiveness with fairness, specifically when it comes to food sharing.

As I was pouring the tea for myself and my husband, I would pour some into his cup, than mine, than his, than mine, until both cups were full. This was almost automatic, my desire to make sure each cup of tea was equal, a balance of the light top tea and darker bottom of the teapot tea.

I’m not this particular all the time, but he’d had a slow start and I wanted the tea to be a soft gesture of support.

I love to share food, and he has willingly embraced this side of me, with a few rocky moments early on when our perceptions clashed. He was surprised to find that to me a sandwich had good bites and bad bites, and we had to trade off when sharing, or that almost all food can be divided relatively fairly in my opinion. And that there is a gesture in saving the last or best bite for the other. His mind set was more like, I’m eating a sandwich.

One of my dearest friends shares this same perspective with me, each meal we share is an easy bond.

Does everyone have weird social quirks like this?

xo J

image via Fatted Calf


4 thoughts on “in all fairness: by J

      • I appreciate your efforts, but because the image is copyrighted to me, you should technically not have downloaded a copy of it and placed it on your server. Also, could you move the image credit close to the image itself (directly below it)?

      • Hi Claudine, my apologies again, I’m still relatively new to this process, I’ve removed your photo, and I appreciate your bringing the issue to my attention, all the best, J

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