green tea and apple cider vinegar: by J

IMG_5783 IMG_5785

I started this week with a new morning routine. Instead of warm tea, I’ve been drinking cold brewed green tea mixed with 1-2 tsps of apple cider vinegar.

I was feeling sluggish and was looking for a natural booster. I love kombucha, so the astringent vinegar taste really doesn’t bother me, and I actually find it quite pleasant. I’ve heard some people add a touch of honey or agave if the vinegar is too much.

ACV is touted when in a raw form to be a detoxifier, aiding in digestion and balancing ph.

So far I haven’t noticed anything too crazy, but I do feel less ravenous, and a little more energetic.

The Bragg’s Organic with mother version, is inexpensive, available at most grocery stores, and seems to be a general favorite. It’s also great for salad dressing.

To make cold brewed green tea, I just put 1.5 tbsp of green tea in my tea pot, add filtered room temperature water, roughly 2 cups, and put it in the fridge overnight.

I’ll update if anything else happens, but so far I’ve been enjoying it,

xo J




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