happy holidays: by J

Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday.

I’m heading back home to Vancouver tomorrow.

I’ll be taking a little break until the New Year from writing to just really be with family and friends.

See you in 2014!

xo J

beautiful image by interior designer Johanna Pilfak


apple cake: by J


This is one of those cakes you can throw together in 20 minutes including clean up, and the remaining hour is just baking time.

It’s pretty virtuous, as in the kind of cake I wouldn’t feel guilty at all about eating for breakfast. Just apples, eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla, salt, and butter for the pan, all of which I usually have in my house at any given time.

I follow Deb from Smitten Kitchen’s recipe almost exactly, except I use spelt flour to health it up even a little more, a pinch of salt in the batter, and I usually use just shy of the 1 cup of sugar and find it sweet enough.


xo J

granola: by J


Looks like a bit of a breakfast theme around here these days.

I’ve been using a super simple recipe for granola from My New Roots for awhile now, and am still loving it. It makes the perfect base, to which you add just about anything.

Sweet lovers be warned, this is not an especially sweet granola, which is a big part of why I love it.

Most often I’ll add raisins, but with this last batch I’m thinking dried cherries. And if I’m feeling really decadent, dark chocolate chips is my go to, but make sure the granola is super cool before adding these, unless you are going for a chocolaty mess type of situation, which to be honest was really delicious.

I typically add just a bit more salt than she recommends also,

xo J

Inside Llewyn Davis: by J


Inside Llewyn Davis, the latest Coen brothers movie, blew me away.

Llewyn Davis, a folk singer in 1961 New York, played by Oscar Isaac, is often detestable, and somehow equally mesmerizing.

The live on film performances add a striking immediacy, and John Goodman and Carey Mulligan don’t hurt either.

If forced to choose, I’d likely pick it my favorite of 2013.

xo J

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leftover cranberry sauce: by J



Am I the only one who grossly overestimates the cranberry needs of a Thanksgiving meal?

I now love and accept this fact, because I discovered that homemade cranberry sauce is delicious as an addition to my morning fruit and yogurt.

In the above, banana, non-fat greek yogurt, oats, almonds, and a good spoonful of cranberry sauce.

Probably the only questionable part is I did add a splash of bourbon to my cranberry sauce this year.

xo J