crisp rosemary almonds: by J

rosemaryalmondsffMy new addiction. Rosemary, thyme, sea salt and chile almonds. These take about 15 minutes from start to finish, and then time to cool down, which is hard to wait for.

I’ve made them 3 times in just over a week, with intents to store the leftovers, and have yet to manage to not finish them before the days end.

The recipe is really rough and can easily be played around with to meet your preference.

Place a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and thyme and a dried chile or two into a small puddle of olive oil on a quality pan, heat up gradually to release the flavors, and once at a low-medium, add the best almonds you can find, a few pinches of sea salt, a ground or two of black pepper, and toss them gently every few minutes so the almonds brown evenly. I’m guessing I used about a cup of almonds.

The almonds will start to brown, you don’t want them too dark, just a few shades darker brown all over. Once they are ready to come out of the pan add a pinch or two of cane sugar, and toss.

Pouring them onto a large plate will help the cooling time, as the almonds wont be crisp until fully cooled.

You can add a touch more salt or pepper to your liking once done, and breaking up the remaining rosemary and discarding the stem will leave delicious crisps of rosemary throughout.

xo J


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