Dr. Hauschka: by J


While I’m certainly no expert on beauty and face care. I will say my skin is the best it’s been while using the Dr. Hauschka product line.

It’s either very well priced, or exorbitant depending on your perspective I guess. I feel a little guilty about the cost, but think it’s worth it.

I have sensitive, congested skin, and used to have both dry irritation and blemishes, which seems confusingly unfair to me, but I’m sure a dermatologist would completely understand the link.

I’ve been using the line for about 4 months now as a whole, and have less blemishes, and very rare irritation unless I’ve been eating poorly and drinking a fair bit.

I usually try to wait for it to go on-sale before buying, 20-25% off is common to see. For anyone wanting to try the line, I’d start with the moisturizer, then add in the cleanser and toner, and the face oil is probably not necessary for everyone, but I love it.

While I’ve never done a sponsored post, I thought I would clarify that this certainly isn’t one, and is really just me wanting to share a product I really love,

xo J


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