cold remedy: by J

citrus citrusbrew citrusprepped

The hubs and I did a nice simultaneous colds situation this week. So with two people down for the count all our remedies need to be quickly prepped and happy to sit on the stove in large quantities for minimal effort when we need them. I’ve posted about my ginger tea here, but this citrus brew has been a favorite since a sweet friend prepped us some another time we were both sick.

The recipe is flexible, but basically take a variety of citrus, in my last batch I used a grapefruit an orange and half a lemon. Wash the skin well, and ideally choose organic fruit, as the peel is a major part of the drink. Cut the citrus into chunks, grate a chunk of ginger, I used two pieces the size of the one shown, and add it all to a pot, cover with filtered water and cook on low for 2-4 hours.

I add a little honey to taste in the mug, and drink it a few times a day, whenever I’m feeling a little congested and achy.

Put any leftovers in a glass jar over night and reheat the next day,

xo J

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Basho Cafe: by J

basho-2basho-9One of my dearest friend’s family recently opened the loveliest cafe, and I can’t wait to go back home to Vancouver to try it out.

Basho, Japanese for place, is perfect for your morning start, delicious lunch, or afternoon pick me up. They make everything with a rare mix of care, skill, and tradition.

I am so happy as they’ve had a fantastic start to things, and I am itching for that amazing tuna tataki bowl and some matcha sweets.

xo J

Their website for all info found here, which is where I got the beautiful photos of the shop and delicious eats.




kale flowers: by J

Kaleblossom1 Kaleblossom2These little kale greens with flowers caught my eye last time I was at Bi-Rite Market. I try to make a habit of picking up unfamiliar greens and things on a pretty regular basis. Marketed as broccoli of lacinato kale, I was certainly intrigued.

They’re the final stage of the kale plants life, when it shoots up flowers. Often the bolting (flowering) of a green like lettuce or chard leaves the plant quite bitter. In the case of kale the flowers seem to resemble more closely broccoli raab, sweeter, mild and kaley.

I sautéd them quickly with a drizzle of oil, garlic and a touch of fish sauce.

xo J

dog wash: by J

AesopAnimalWhile it is most certainly a luxury splurge for your pet, I love the Aesop pet wash.

The scent is a refreshing herby citrus smell, which makes me enjoy bathing Lego even though he still hates it. It rinses out easily, leaves him soft and fluffy, and I like that it cleans him without leaving a strong scent behind.

I probably wouldn’t buy it if I had a big dog, considering the cost, but a single bottle for my little guy will last well over a year, and the pump is super convenient.

xo J


design crush: by J


I’m loving the simple geometric perfection of Another Feather’s Delos necklace. Hand made by Hannah Ferrara, each piece has a natural beauty. The necklace comes in two sizes with slightly different designs appropriate to scale.

I’m dreamiest about the larger piece, but just by the tiniest bit.

xo J

ps. I love when a shop has photos of their work being worn, it makes it so much easier to purchase online.

All photos from her online shop. Top is the small Delos necklace, and bottom two are the Delos necklace.