spring frittata: by J

asparagusfrittataI’m really happy spring is here. Weather wise, San Francisco is pleasant for most of the year, but the seasonal produce is what I’m most excited for. I made a quick asparagus and new potato frittata with pasture raised eggs and flowering chives.

I sautéed roughly 6 stalks of asparagus with a touch of butter for a few minutes, added 4-5 sliced previously boiled leftover new potatoes, salt and pepper to taste and poured over 3 eggs beaten with a handful of chopped chives. I baked it at 350 for about 17 minutes until mostly set with a little looseness in the egg at the center, which will firm up once out of the oven. But keep an eye on it after about 10 minutes as you really don’t want to overcook the eggs.

Serve alone or with toasted baguette, or anything else you’d like. It would also be fantastic with the addition of fresh ricotta, soft goats cheese, or any other kind of cheese you love and have on hand.

xo J


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