strawberry jam: by J


I had a pint of aging strawberries, but I always imagined making jam would require a full day, and there would be no point in making less than 12 jars or so.

This quick recipe took me about 1 hour, and likely isn’t shelf stable, however with just 1 jar I plan to keep it in the fridge  and use it right away. I made it with no pectin and it is much lower in sugar than most traditional recipes. This recipe seems pretty close.

I’d really like to do more preserving in the future, but definitely find it a little daunting, even though it seems pretty simple.


xo J


LA weekend: by J

photoI’m just settling back in after getting in last night from a road trip down to LA for a wedding and to visit with friends. One of our closest couple friends just moved down for work, one of whom is actually the first friend I made in SF, so it was really sweet to see and stay with them.

We made dinner together Friday night in their beautiful light filled home.

She and I walked and adventured through her new neighborhood, remembering how nice it is just having each other to brunch with and wander.

We had brunch at SQIRL, the brioche toast with ricotta and their strawberry rose jam was a standout.

We had dinner at Din Tai Fung as we always do when we’re in LA.

Just generally spending time with good friends, many who have moved to LA within the last few years, and those who’ve been there for some time. The weather was kindly cool for most of the time, and we enjoyed a brief walk around Griffith Park Observatory, and of course the very beautiful wedding of two people who just make sense.

Today is unpacking and tidying and groceries.

xo J

quinoa sushi: by J

photo (3)I had a craving for sushi the other day and remembered seeing this recipe. It’s super simple, and ideal for vegetarian sushi as you get protein from the quinoa. While the quinoa didn’t hold up quite as well as sushi rice, it was a pretty solid replacement. I made avocado and cucumber, and avocado and carrot.

xo J


mushroom farm: by J

I went to Far West Fungi’s mushroom farm, and it was really strange, interesting, and beautiful in a bizarre way experience. Mushrooms are one of those mysterious foods barely understood by botanists, that are nutrient dense and are frequently considered to have a wealth of healing properties. Not plants, mushrooms are the flowering portion of fungi.

I never really thought about where commercial mushrooms were grown, always thinking more of little domes sprouting off of wood in the forest. So I really didn’t know what to expect and was very surprised by the whole process, it was both more and less controlled than I would have thought.

The fungal cultures are introduced to bricks made of pressed sawdust as they naturally grow on wood, and are then sealed in special bags that keep them sterile. The bricks sit on shelves in the sheds pictured below that are humidified and temperature controlled. Once the mushrooms sprout and come to full size they are hand harvested and packaged.

mushroomfarmmushroomfarm1 mushroomfarm2 mushroomfarm3Weird and cool,

xo J


the sack dress: by J

horsesatelier creaturesofcomfort

I’m finding myself almost inextricably drawn to what really can’t be described in any way better than simply the sack dress. Erin McKean and Donna Mehalko do a perfect job of defining it in their Hundred Dresses.

Above two in my dreams pieces Horses Atelier and Creatures of Comfort.

xo J

Lands End hike: by J


Last Friday was one of those days where I saw a part of SF I couldn’t believe I had never visited in the three years I’ve been here.

Lands End hiking trails are just north of Ocean Beach. It was a perfect light hike that took about two hours, and made me feel like I had escaped the city. Lego was welcome, and only scared me a few times by adventuring up to the edge of some steep drop offs.

The hike includes the Sutro Baths, wooded trails, and even views of the Golden Gate.

xo J

DOZI: by J


I saw DOZI at a maker fair in my neighborhood this weekend, and had to stop myself from buying one of everything. If only I needed an adorable pillow, pouch or tray.

These days I’m trying to cut back on the things we have, maybe the influence of spring, but if I was needing any of these things I mostly definitely wouldn’t have been able to help myself.

You can check out maker and SF local Wendy Chung’s blog of the same name here.

xo J