walking shoes: by J

stellamccartney1I need some shoes for long walks that travel easily, and I think these may be the winners. Stella McCartney for adidas, ararauna dance shoes, in maroon and navy.

xo J



soba and greens: by J

sobaandgreensThe warmer days are perfect for cold noodle salads. One of my favorite is cold soba noodles with seasonal greens, in this case sugar snap peas and bok choy, with tofu and chives.

Cook the soba according to the directions, they should be firm, but tender, and rinsing them well with cool water ensures the noodles aren’t too sticky or gummy.

Soba noodles if 100% soba are gluten free, but make sure to read the ingredient lists if this is important to you, as 100% buckwheat are harder to find and generally quite a bit more expensive.

I season to taste with soy sauce, fish sauce, rice wine vinegar and sesame oil.

xo J

eggs with potatoes and chorizo: by J

potatoandchorizoPotatoes and chorizo seem like a natural pair, smoky, earthy and rich.

Heavy for an everyday breakfast, but it was perfect as a late brunch with family, served with avocado, salsa fresca, limes for squeezing and corn tortillas.

I washed and halved any of the larger baby potatoes, tossed them with salt, pepper, and grape seed oil, and roasted them at 425 for 20 minutes on a pan, until crispy on the outside but tender on the inside. About 5 minutes before the potatoes were done I sauteed the chorizo in a pan, soaking up some of the excess fat with a napkin, until it was starting to break into pieces and lightly brown.

I added the potatoes to the chorizo and tossed them and formed 6 pockets in the mixture to crack eggs into. I cracked the eggs into the gaps and seasoned them with salt and pepper and put everything back in the oven for just over 10 minutes, until the white was almost 100% set as the eggs will continue to cook once out of the oven.

I served it family style, with some people making tacos, and others eating it separate.

xo J

I’m not great with measurements, but I’d guess about 3/4 lbs of potatoes and 1/2 lbs of chorizo, served 3 people with a hearty serving for each.


new potatoes: by J


I was really happy to have my little sister join me volunteering in the garden last friday. We spent a good chunk of the day digging potatoes with the kids.

I have yet to lose that sense of wonder of food coming from the ground. Potatoes being especially funny as it feels somewhat like Easter Egg hunting. You root around in the dirt and pull out these perfectly formed new potatoes after planting them about 2 months before.

You know potatoes are ready for harvesting when the green plant they shoot up is wilting.

I’ll post a recipe for what I did with the potatoes on Thursday.

xo J

crissy field: by J

crissyfield donutMy little sister and I headed up to Crissy Field for an afternoon donut and dog walk.

The Dynamo kiosk had just shuttered, but the guy closing up was super nice and gave us the leftover donuts, which happened to be three deliciously dense and cakey gluten free spiced chocolate. Windy but warmish, the day was fog heavy and moody.

xo J

top photo credit to my sister


summer salad: by J

summersaladHaving family here has definitely meant sharing all of my favorite food spots. So last night a huge summer salad at home was in order for dinner. Peach, tomato, avocado, baby kale, little gems and red onions, seasoned with good olive oil, sea salt, and a touch of balsamic, I would have prefered the juice of a lemon, but forgot to pick one up.

xo J