Turkey: by J

istanbultravelbooksThrilled to be heading to Turkey this weekend. I’ll be taking a little blog hiatus for the next three weeks, and look forward to seeing you all when I’m back.

Please pass on any Turkey knowledge you might have!

xo J



apple tart: by J

appletartThis is one of the best desserts I’ve eaten in ages. From a little spot when I was back in Vancouver called Beaucoup Bakery.

I’m convinced everything they make must be delicious.

xo J


cider love: by J


I’ve got a big thing for cider. A good cider is crisp, clean tasting, with no overriding sweetness, and it has little else than apples and yeast in the ingredient list.

I have a couple favorites at the moment locally, Bite Hard Apple Cider out of Booneville, CA, back home I discovered Left Field Cider Co, from BC, and a bigger more easily found brand is Angry Orchard.

When looking for a cider I weed out any with added sugar, juice concentrate, or other sweetener types, I like few ingredients, and another often good sign for me is a higher alcohol percentage (between 6-9%).

In any case they’re generally affordable, drinkable, and as a bonus gluten free.

I’ve also been known use them in my sangria in replace of soda, be warned, this will be a high alcohol sangria.

xo J