Fogandfireflies is about connection, sharing lives, food, friendship, books and other things we love. When K moved back to NY from SF we knew we had to keep this few times in a lifetime friendship as close as it was when we lived in the same city, and we thought what better way then to share a blog. 
 I’m J and I live in SF with the hubs and a rescue scruff named Lego. I am bewildered as any about life, and love the process of figuring it out with my dear friend K.  
 I’m K and I live in the big apple surrounded by a big, loud, fabulous italian family.  I’m passionate about story telling in any form and hope to use this blog to tell fun stories that entertain and maybe even sort some things out now and then. In addition to this endeavor I have been slowly building my career in illustration on the side of normal every day life.  I’m lucky to have met J, and even luckier that she wants to embark on this little adventure with me. 

 questions?  comments? feedback? just want to say hi? we welcome any and all… fogandfireflies (at) gmail (dot) com


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve just nominated you for a Liebster award. Please don’t feel pressured to respond. I do so to share what I admire with other people around me and hope that they also gain something from your little space on the web. Thank you for the inspiration that you provide me to stretch and challenge my blogging skills- Kumu

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