ceramics: by J

ceramics1 ceramics2 ceramics3 ceramics4It’s been rainy and grey here.  Cozy at home, I decided to pull out my favorite ceramics. I love objects of utility and beauty.

I feel very lucky as most of these were gifts with even some being handmade by friends, and a few handmade by me.

xo J



gift giving: by J

K’s Secret Santa post reminded me all of my shopping has to be done early this year as the hubs and I leave for the Philippines to visit family December 15th.

So, I spent yesterday roaming the shopping epicentre of San Francisco in search of Christmas gifts. I’m not a particularly big fan of Union Square and its sly mistress the Westfield Mall, but sometimes I need that kind of shopping density.

I am always truly amazed how utterly exhausting the whole experience is. By the end of it, I was soundly slumped on an over stuffed leather sofa in Anthropologie gazing blankly at piles of glittering objects.

But it all feels worth it when I get someone a gift they love. Or even if it just reminds them I am thinking of them and they are significant in my life.

Gift giving is an important part of relationships. It requires me to take time to really think about the person I am getting a gift for, what they are interested in, their passions and preferences.

Although, it is always easier to regain that perspective once I’m back at home, cozy and quiet.

Happy Friday,

xo J

Above is everything necessary for perfect gift wrapping.

craft paper tags $4/ craft paper $10/ black and gold twine $14 from knotandbow
Cody Foster tiny tree ornaments $17.50 from Madewell
red and white striped washi tape $3.49 from HopscotchCraftSupply

Thanksgiving: by J

* photo via apartment therapy

I am super excited for Thursday as Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday.

Despite the controversial history of Thanksgiving, I see it as a time of year to spend time with family and gather together for a meal.

I actually like it better than Christmas because of the lack of gifts. I know, right?

I remember as a kid Christmas definitely reigned supreme. Something shifted as I got older. I guess going from the receiver of gifts to being in the midst of giving and receiving something changed.

I just find it easier to remember the significance of togetherness during a time where the sole focus is dinner with those closest to us.

Also I put a huge amount of pressure on myself to get the right gifts for people, the right thought, money spent, something they need, want and are excited to receive, while retaining some sense of surprise.

I know it is silly, and that the gesture is what matters, however, this just doesn’t seem to help me relax and trust my instincts.

In any case, I’ll be making my second turkey ever, and fingers crossed it all goes well,

If you have any tips or tricks please share,

xo J