linen: by J

bookhoushirtI haven’t wanted to wear anything else since I got it. This Bookhou 100% linen colab shirt is just getting more delicious as I wear it.

xo J

ps the online store is closed until tomorrow.



picked flowers: by J

flowersA small community garden plot in my neighborhood is being turned over to development unfortunately. They were giving all their plants away, and I picked a small bundle.

Gentrification is a complex subject, so some flowers for today.

xo J

design crush: by J


I’m loving the simple geometric perfection of Another Feather’s Delos necklace. Hand made by Hannah Ferrara, each piece has a natural beauty. The necklace comes in two sizes with slightly different designs appropriate to scale.

I’m dreamiest about the larger piece, but just by the tiniest bit.

xo J

ps. I love when a shop has photos of their work being worn, it makes it so much easier to purchase online.

All photos from her online shop. Top is the small Delos necklace, and bottom two are the Delos necklace.