cold remedy: by J

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The hubs and I did a nice simultaneous colds situation this week. So with two people down for the count all our remedies need to be quickly prepped and happy to sit on the stove in large quantities for minimal effort when we need them. I’ve posted about my ginger tea here, but this citrus brew has been a favorite since a sweet friend prepped us some another time we were both sick.

The recipe is flexible, but basically take a variety of citrus, in my last batch I used a grapefruit an orange and half a lemon. Wash the skin well, and ideally choose organic fruit, as the peel is a major part of the drink. Cut the citrus into chunks, grate a chunk of ginger, I used two pieces the size of the one shown, and add it all to a pot, cover with filtered water and cook on low for 2-4 hours.

I add a little honey to taste in the mug, and drink it a few times a day, whenever I’m feeling a little congested and achy.

Put any leftovers in a glass jar over night and reheat the next day,

xo J

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more than honey: by J

IMG_5901More than honey is a beautiful doc about the plight of honey bees in the world today.

Beautifully shot, it hits on everything from traditional beekeeping, to modern practices, mono growing cultures, and the nature of these tiny workers.

I caught it on netflix, but you can also get it from the website.

My best suggestion is to enjoy locally and ethically produced honey whenever possible,

xo J