farm tour: by J

mariquita1 mariquita2I love spending the day walking the fields and learning about the thoughts and methods of local farmers.

Andy of Mariquita Farms known for his specialty crops, like the popularization of the padron pepper, spigarello, and many more, is one of those unique farmers who gives you a sense of the hardship and necessity of farming.

I haven’t spent much of my life paying attention to these things, but since I have the importance and beauty is unmistakable.

xo J



picked flowers: by J

flowersA small community garden plot in my neighborhood is being turned over to development unfortunately. They were giving all their plants away, and I picked a small bundle.

Gentrification is a complex subject, so some flowers for today.

xo J

DOZI: by J


I saw DOZI at a maker fair in my neighborhood this weekend, and had to stop myself from buying one of everything. If only I needed an adorable pillow, pouch or tray.

These days I’m trying to cut back on the things we have, maybe the influence of spring, but if I was needing any of these things I mostly definitely wouldn’t have been able to help myself.

You can check out maker and SF local Wendy Chung’s blog of the same name here.

xo J