herbs: by J

IMG_5913 IMG_5916I’ve wanted to grow herbs in my apartment for awhile now. When my sister gifted me¬†Joey Roth’s¬†beautiful planter for Christmas I knew it was time.

While the whole thing is a bit of an experiment, as I’ve learned most gardening is, I’m excited for the prospect of fresh herbs in my cooking.

First things first, if you have the space, most herbs prefer to be grown outside, enjoying cooler nights and good air circulation. Herbs indoors generally will be smaller and have a shorter life. That being said, growing them indoors is absolutely possible, and reseeding often will help.


I chose to buy thyme and rosemary plants, because they take a longer time to grow and develop, and rosemary doesn’t grow well from seed. Chives and cilantro, however, prefer to be grown from seed, because they are quick growers that don’t like to be transplanted.

Most edible herbs are pretty heavy feeders so you’ll want quality potting mix, with a high amount of organic matter for good drainage. And you’ll want to add a quality fertilizer every so often. Choose a sunny window, that gets at least 5 hours of sunlight a day.

I thought I’d list other popular herbs and whether they are best started as seeds or bought as plants.

Plant: lavender, lemon verbena, lemongrass, mint, oregano, oregano, tarragon

Seed: coriander/cilantro, dill, sage

Either: basil, lemon balm, parsley, sage, stevia, thyme

My pots are smaller than ideal, 4-6 inches being more ideal, but I’ll see what happens.

xo J