Shika Provisions: by J

shika1 shika2 shika3

Settling back in after my trip to Vancouver. It was so beautiful to be back with family and friends, with perfect summer days, and a city that feels like home and something new at the same time.

One of the absolute highlights was getting to check out my dear friend Mitsumi’s new cafe shop Shika Provisions. I am so blown away and happy for her and her husband, to have created such an incredible place. The food is homemade, healthy, uses local produce, and is beyond delicious.

A short and stunning ferry ride away from the mainland, you could easily pop over to Shika to grab lunch or a picnic box before exploring a little of Bowen Island. Conveniently located on the dock where the ferry lands, it’s easily accessible even if you don’t have a car.

We headed to the beach and picnicked after a quick swim in the ocean, as the sun set.

Feeling lucky,

xo J


Basho Cafe: by J

basho-2basho-9One of my dearest friend’s family recently opened the loveliest cafe, and I can’t wait to go back home to Vancouver to try it out.

Basho, Japanese for place, is perfect for your morning start, delicious lunch, or afternoon pick me up. They make everything with a rare mix of care, skill, and tradition.

I am so happy as they’ve had a fantastic start to things, and I am itching for that amazing tuna tataki bowl and some matcha sweets.

xo J

Their website for all info found here, which is where I got the beautiful photos of the shop and delicious eats.