Turkey: by J

istanbultravelbooksThrilled to be heading to Turkey this weekend. I’ll be taking a little blog hiatus for the next three weeks, and look forward to seeing you all when I’m back.

Please pass on any Turkey knowledge you might have!

xo J



LA weekend: by J

photoI’m just settling back in after getting in last night from a road trip down to LA for a wedding and to visit with friends. One of our closest couple friends just moved down for work, one of whom is actually the first friend I made in SF, so it was really sweet to see and stay with them.

We made dinner together Friday night in their beautiful light filled home.

She and I walked and adventured through her new neighborhood, remembering how nice it is just having each other to brunch with and wander.

We had brunch at SQIRL, the brioche toast with ricotta and their strawberry rose jam was a standout.

We had dinner at Din Tai Fung as we always do when we’re in LA.

Just generally spending time with good friends, many who have moved to LA within the last few years, and those who’ve been there for some time. The weather was kindly cool for most of the time, and we enjoyed a brief walk around Griffith Park Observatory, and of course the very beautiful wedding of two people who just make sense.

Today is unpacking and tidying and groceries.

xo J

back home: by J


I’m back home and settled in. It was so sweet to be back in Vancouver and hard to leave.

I’m always surprised how easy it is to get used to new environments. While I was in Vancouver, it seemed hard to live anywhere but, and being back everything I love here falls back into place.

I did so much catching up with family and friends, and eating.

Lego was the happiest I’ve seen him, pampered and in a house full of people.

There was some challenging delays, and missed flights that we waded through, Lego being a quiet champion, as we spent hours in airports, for a flight that shouldn’t be much than 2.5 hours each way.

I’ll catch you up soon on the movies I’ve seen, places I’ve eaten, and other sweet things I explored during my break,

glad to be back,

xo J

*photo by the hubs


travelling and exercise: by J


Do you workout when travelling?

I always have every intention to, because let’s be honest most of my trips are spent wandering and eating.

I like to think I’m walking off those extra calories.

Not to mention, I actually really do miss yoga.

However, despite all of my good intentions I rarely make it into a yoga studio, and do little more than a few sun salutations while in another city, if I’m lucky.

Do you fall out of your healthy routines, or find ways to stick to them while travelling?

xo J



busy weekend: by J


A task oriented weekend

In a city buzzing with Pride.

Bedroom rearranging to utilize a piece of furniture made by a friend

Now the most beautiful piece we own.

I’m always amazed by the skill of our friends.

Chef’s choice burger from here, for a late brunch with friends.

Getting ready for a two week trip for the celebration of weddings of friends on back-to-back weekends in Toronto then Vancouver,

Happy Canada Day,

xo J

Family vacations: by J


Most of us have probably taken trips with our family as kids. The archetypical family road trip to the grand canyon, or a beret topped family posing in front of the Eiffel Tower.

But what about as adults? Do you still take trips with your family?

While in the Philippines my new mom (aka mom-in-law), treated us to a wonderful trip to Palawan. It has been a long time since I really traveled with family. And I have to say it was awesome. The three of us ate meals, hiked, snorkeled, and took a sunset boat ride, together.

These trips make more and more sense to me living away from family, as there can be little vacation time left for travel after going back home to see everyone.

Maybe Christmas with everyone in Hawaii next year?

Fingers crossed,

xo J

Philippines trip: by J

IMG_9013_1 IMG_9294 IMG_9693

The first photos are from our trip to the island of Coron in Palawan. Perfect for snorkeling, diving, swimming, eating and relaxing. We stayed in those adorable cabins on the beach.

A misty day at Taal, the volcano within a volcano. We are actually on the inner lip of the larger volcano, which is populated by restaurants and other businesses. The smaller volcano is in the centre surrounded by water.PHP_0018 PHP_0019 PHP_0021

Some shots from the drive to Taal. We pulled over and stocked up on pineapples and my first jackfruit.PHP_0030 PHP_0032

An official Marienda, the meal between lunch and dinner. The happy pig is a dish called lechon, favored for its crispy skin. The gentleman is making bibingka. It’s a lightly sweet, spongy, eggy pancake, that is topped with freshly grated coconut.PHP_0038 PHP_0047The Philippines is a striking contrast of modern development, pollution, natural beauty, rich culture, and heartbreaking poverty. The people are characteristically warm and friendly. My understanding is there is an emerging middle class. I loved being there surrounded by family and food.

Happy Monday,

xo J

ps photo creds to the hubs